Transport more - pay less

Receiving, Storing, Picking, Packing and Shipping 15kg containers of paint is not an easy job and its very hard to find a reliable warehouse and courier company to do this job for us. This side of the business is not our expertise nor is it one to invest in if keeping prices low for the end user is one of our key priorities. From day 1, I have kept prices to a fair and reasonable amount and so too have the manufacturers at Pitchmark Ltd in the UK. These prices have been competitive and where a product is more expensive, its because the quality is better. We know from feedback and testing how good these paints and machines are.

Unfortunately, I have been hit with rising costs in the delivery of the products to the end club user. These charges have been set on us by the courier. You will notice the prices have gone up, but for those clubs who wish to reduce their spend on frequent delivery charges then we actually have good news as our flat pallet rate across Ireland and Northern Ireland is just €85 inc VAT. This means, that you can buy from 10-60 containers of paint and the price per container delivery charge is very low. For clubs that regularly buy paint in small quantities of between 1-9, the charges per container will be €8.00 each inc VAT. The user who buy 60 containers is only getting charge €1.41per container.

Benefits of buying larger quantities:

Your paint is guaranteed for 1 year from the time of purchase that it will remain in perfect condition once you protect it from frost. We had paint stored during the Government policy of lockdown the economy and all the paint we sold that was in the warehouse, not one issue, so we know this paint lasts in long term storage.

Over the past 18 months, many more clubs have purchased 30-60 containers. The benefits to this include: Not running out of paint and trying to have a guaranteed delivery by the Friday morning. 

Could you consider pooling resources with other local clubs and buy between both or three clubs. This model is used by some of end users where they the Football Club and Hurling Club combine. We have the GAA and the Soccer Club also do it.

Having 60 containers of paint will never go to waste as the grass is always growing and pitches will always need marking.

We offer 30 days credit on pallet orders (Existing customers only).

Pallets eliminate is the danger of damage to the products as its kept off the ground. It also eliminates the risk of a container of paint going missing or indeed a machine (This has happened and always rectified).

One big order vs multiple small orders should be more environmentally friendly in the longer term. If reducing the carbon footprint of each product is valued by you and your club then consider the pallet sized order. 

Alternatively, all items can be collected from the Warehouse at: 

One Stop Fulfillment, Clonminam Industrial Estate, Unit 4 Craan Port, Portlaoise, Co. Laois, R32 HX40

Collection 8am - 4pm (Monday to Friday).
All collections must be pre ordered and you will be notified by email when it is ready for collection. There is no retail sales from this address as the warehouse is a storage, pick, pack and delivery service. 

These shipping rates came effective from 18:00 on Wednesday 14th September 2022.

Please contact me to discuss further.

Thanking you all for the understanding. 

Regards, John


Nationwide Shipping Rates:

1 container 0kg–15kg
€8.00 EUR
2 containers 16kg–30kg
€16.00 EUR
3 containers 31kg–45kg
€24.00 EUR
containers 45kg–60kg
€32.00 EUR
containers 61kg–75kg
€40.00 EUR
containers 76kg–90kg
€48.00 EUR
containers 91kg–105kg
€56.00 EUR
containers 106kg–120kg
€64.00 EUR
containers 121kg–135kg
€72.00 EUR
10 containers 136kg–150kg
€80.00 EUR
Nationwide Pallet - 11 - 60 containers 151kg–900kg
€85.00 EUR
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