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white line paint for football pitches

Elements Premium - Ready to use

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Elements Ready Premium White Paint is an extremely popular low volume ready-to-use line marking paint.  Advanced ingredients make Elements Ready Premium White Paint a very bright and long-lasting pitch marking paint which gives a great line.  Due to the supreme pigments and binders used, the paint dries extremely fast which allows other grounds maintenance equipment to be used on the sports pitch almost immediately.

Elements Ready Premium Paint can be applied through many spray line markers.  We have tested Elements Ready Premium Paint with a Pitchmark Eco Club, Fleet Kombi (Mk2), Rigby Taylor Igo (Deluxe and Mini) and the Bowcom GMX and GM10 - all with excellent results.  Sometimes a simple nozzle change is all that is required to use Elements Ready Premium Paint with other machines. 

Although designed for use with a spray marker, Elements Ready Premium Paint can also be applied neat with a wheel-to-wheel marker with fantastic results.
  • Ready-to-use with no mixing or dilution required. Simply shake well and go.
  • Possible to mark up to 3 standard football pitches from each 10 litre container.
  • Water-based, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly product.

  • Suitable for Football Pitches, Rugby Fields, Tennis Tramlines, and Cricket Boundaries.

  • Long lasting, high quality, time efficient line marking paint.

  • Flexible application options.

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