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football pitch line marker machine

Elements Sport Marker

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Our Elements Sport Transfer Wheel Marker follows the traditional style of wheel-to-wheel line marking machines, but with modern manufacturing methods. This machine is made from high-grade materials to a demanding specification from the best quality materials available.

The Elements Sport Transfer Wheel Marker is extremely easy-to-use and popular with amateur and professional groundsmen alike. 

The Elements Sport Transfer Wheel Marker is a wheel-to-wheel marker that applies paint by transferring paint to the grass via 3 transfer wheels. The Elements Sport Transfer Wheel Marker has a 100mm (or 4 inch) line width.

14-litre central paint reservoir capacity with curved outer rim for limited splash or spill. Manufactured in the UK.
Suitable for use on football pitches, rugby playing fields, tennis courts, cricket boundaries and many other sports played on natural grass.
The Elements Sport Transfer Wheel Marker allows you to mark approx. 2 full size football pitches from it's 14 litre central paint reservoir.

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